Promotion Vouchers

What are Helly Hansen Official Online Store promotion codes?

Promotion codes are codes or code words, such as "DISCOUNT", which for example will give you money off on a certain style, the whole order, or free delivery.

Where do I find promotion codes?

Just sign up for the newsletter and we will email you whenever there is a new code. Each promotion code has its own terms and conditions (such as who can use it, what it is for, and how long it is valid), so you should check before you shop.

How do I use my promotion code?

Make sure that you type your code to the appropriate box when you check out, and hit "update" to apply it to your order. If it is not applied at this point, we cannot apply it to the same order later on (although you may be able to use it on a subsequent order).

If you have any other questions about discount codes, please contact Customer Service.

I forgot to use my promotion code

Unfortunately, if you did not enter your promotion code at the checkout, we cannot apply it to that order or amend your payment later on.

How do promotion codes affect my right to return an order?

If a promotion code was applied to your original order, your refund amount will be adjusted to reflect it. Unfortunately, we cannot reissue a promotion code, even if your original order is returned to us.

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