How do I pay for my order?

There are a number of payment options to choose from:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Paypal
  • iDEAL Real Time Banking



All credit and debit cardholders are subject to validation and authorization by both the card issuer and us to maintain security and to prevent fraud.


When will I be charged?

When you place your order, your card will be authorized, and you will receive an email confirming that your order has been successful. We will not charge your card until we process your order and ship it from our warehouse.

If your card is not authorized, no charge will appear, and you will be notified immediately on the screen that the payment was unsuccessful. You will be asked to provide another method of payment.

You can easily place your order via invoice and pay once you have received the goods. PayPal takes over the factoring and remittance of funds. The total amount is due within 14 days from receipt of the invoice. Invoices will be issued upon delivery.

  • First the goods then payment: this protects against faulty goods or failed deliveries
  • Data Security: 100% protection against acoount or credt card abuse
  • Quick receipt of the goods: no waiting for the completion of bank transactions


Can I get an invoice-copy?

We are able to include an invoice-copy with your order. The invoice will be sent as a PDF document with the Shipment Confirmation Email.

Please note that this invoice is the receipt of the payment done through your Credit Card or PayPal account.

The invoice is only for your own finances or home office as an addition to the order confirmation.


Where can I request an invoice?

You will find the Invoice checkbox under Step 3 of the checkout, after your Payment Details and Shipping Details:

Please note that you need to check the box, as illustrated above, before you place the order. You can choose to enter your Company Name and Company VAT number.


Change your country

Select your country to change currency: